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Level 2 State Referee Course - Saturday 3rd February

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January 29, 2024

Is it time to upskill and learn more about the Rules of volleyball and how (and when) to apply them with confidence? Hunter Volleyball is recruiting Members who would like to participate in a one-day Level 2 State referee accreditation course, hosted by the NSW Volleyball Referees' Association, to be held right here in Newcastle.

You'll gain in-depth knowledge of the Rules, learn the art of discretion and objectivity in decision-making, participate in a scoring workshop and a practical session to put your new found knowledge to the test.

The steps to get involved?

1. Email Michelle play@huntervolleyball.com.au to express your interest to attend the Level 2 Course on Saturday 3rd February.

2 Complete the Volleyball Australia Fundamentals of Refereeing Course online today. This online course costs $55.00 and Hunter Volleyball will refund 100% of this fee for up to 2 players per team starting every competition in 2024

3 Upload your Certificates via your Volleyball NSW Member Portal to receive your Level 1 Referee Accreditation

4 Register for the HV Level 2 Associate Referee Course and complete the 3 compulsory online modules for officials.

4. Attend the face to face course on Saturday 3rd February from 9am to approx 4.30pm. Hunter Volleyball is fully subsidising this course for up to 20 participants starting competitions in 2024, particularly those in A and B Grade competitions, and those considering a representative pathway where match refereeing and scoring is a requirement of all team members.

This course is happening at the beginning of the season to help prepare all teams with an extended knowledge of the Rules and how to apply them, so that our sport is enjoyable, fair and consistent for all.

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